I was having lower back problems. I would go into terrible spasms to the point that lying on the floor with my knees bent, and the pain was still there. To move right or left made me want to scream in pain. A friend, who was a former dancer, taught Pilates in another state and recommended I find an experienced Pilates instructor locally. She told me to check out the internet to find an instructor in my area. My goal was to relieve my tremendous lower back pain and increase my flexibility, and I have achieved both of these at Mindful Movement Center with Jean. I tried everything including chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, none of which worked to relieve the pain. It took a while, but I saw improvement within the first ten sessions, and then after about a six-month period I had no lower back pain, and I haven’t had it in five years.

**There is a difference between equipment and mat classes. I’ve had greater success with the equipment. I believe the springs give the resistance to support your body weight, assisting you to do things that would be quite straining for the back and neck otherwise. The spring resistance also strengthens the core more effectively. With the equipment the instructor pays more attention than in a mat class. Your body will respond once you understand the correct focus and alignment, and the equipment helped me to do this.

I have a slight curvature in my spine, one hip higher than the other, which contributes to my back pain. According to the chiropractor, stress was the cause of the pain. Pilates helps relieve the stress and releases the toxicity from travel, etc.

The competence I found with Jean’s ability to coach me in the Pilates process could not be matched in other large cities where I have traveled and the instructors I worked with. I worked with two instructors in Tampa FL who were trained out of NYC, but I still did not get the strength and flexibility with them as I have with her.

Ruth Kennedy, President Kennedy Institute For Leadership

Just when I thought it was too late…too late to go back and have the body that I thought I used to have a long time ago… I found PILATES and Jean. I started to believe that those extra places on my waist that accumulated over the years and the dimpling on the thighs were going to be part of my over-50 future. But, I’ve discovered that it is not so! True, in the beginning—the first couple of months of Pilates—I wondered. Such a relatively easy routine. No real sweat, just concentrated movements that I had to get used to—coordination. Was it working? Then I started noticing things in the mirror. Am I imagining it or does it look like my waist is reducing? Those extra pockets seem to be smaller…what’s that on my arm? Is that a tricep? My thighs look toned…or at least on their way to looking longer and leaner than I can remember them every being. In fact, my whole body is changing. I actually stand taller without trying to. My clothes fit differently. I am more shapely than I’ve been since…well, it’s been awhile. I feel different. I feel so good… Like I’ve started to live all over again in a different body!!! I feel so positive and inspired! This investment in time and money was sooooo worth it!!!!

Corinne Van Meter
Retired Teacher

Recently I was involved in a serious auto accident.  I have had neck, shoulder and back pain for 5 weeks.   After seeing an emergency room doctor, my family doctor and an orthopedic spine specialist I can honestly say that continuing my Pilates work with you has been the most beneficial therapy and has reduced the pain and inflammation.

Thank you,
Martin Tucker

Dear Jean,

Pilates changed my life! For the past several years I’ve had trouble with balance and walking. My back and legs were very weak. Much of the time I needed help walking. An intuitive friend suggested Pilates. I had been a student of yours in the past and loved it. When I was having trouble with my body I did not think I would be able to do Pilates so I quit.

I contacted you last October and you so graciously met with me quickly to show me that I could do this! We set it up for me to try ½ of a reformer class (since I had Pilates experience previously) until I had the strength for a complete class. When I left that first class I was very wobbly. The rest of the class was so concerned they asked you to call to check on me. Of course with a little rest, I was fine. Within two weeks I was taking full classes – and very soon keeping up with the rest of the group. My friends and people at Church started commenting on how well I was walking.

I love Mindful Movement and appreciate all that you have done for me. I wanted to share my “testimony” to motivate anyone needing help with back issues – or just wanting a great exercise program. Pilates is great and you are an incredible teacher!

Thank you,
Carol Coates

Barre Works
I started taking Barre Works a little over two months ago and  I have nothing but love for this class.  I was a little hesitant at first not knowing what to expect but Jean put me right at ease.  She is a knowledgeable and motivating instructor.  Thanks to Barre Works I have lost 20 pounds, countless inches and have no more upper back pain – all in two months!  This is a class I will take forever!

Thanks Jean – Ali Bower