Barre Works – yes it does

The most popular exercise trend in NYC and Hollywood is now in Winston Salem at Mindful Movement Center. Barre Works is a no-nonsense, low-impact, results-oriented exercise method that has evolved from the work of Lotte Berk, a German ballerina who fled Nazi Germany and settled in the United Kingdom. There, she developed a unique fitness routine that helped alleviate her chronic back pain and maintain her supple dancer’s body. She incorporated orthopedic back exercises and ballet/yoga inspired stretching and strengthening techniques and eventually opened her own studio that became very popular with the “beautiful people” of that generation. Over the past 50 years, her work has inspired countless students who continue to perpetuate her ideas and unique approach to fitness. Consistent practice of this technique will help you alleviate chronic aches and pains, feel more vital and alive and move in a way that is more natural and graceful–like a dancer in daily life.

Barre Works at Mindful Movement Center will effectively transform your body into a longer, leaner and healthier physique with a more defined waistline, slimmer hips, buttocks and inner thighs, and arms that will make you proud to wear sleeveless shirts. The class consists of deep muscle conditioning with an initial heart-pumping, warm-up sequence for the whole body and sculpted toning for the arms, back and shoulders using light weights. Next we go to the barre for the thigh and seat sections with focused and almost isometric movements of the pelvis, legs and hips. Then the pace continues as we head to the mat for a continuation of the hip and seat series before progressing to the core strengthening exercises of the abdominals and back. And finally, as well as throughout the class, we back off the ”burn” with complementary ballet and yoga stretches.

Consistent practice of Barre Works will help you achieve your own unique best body – Make it happen! Come join us regularly for this high-energy, whole-body-fitness class. Visualize a better you!

$20 single class. 10 class card $150 (3 month expiration)

Please arrive with ample time to complete payment and paperwork. Wear clothing to cover a sweaty body. Socks are required. All props and mats are provided.

What they’re saying:

  • Excellent instructor! Enjoyed the class.
  • Great workout! looking forward to see the results after a few more weeks!
  • Wonderful Class. The first exercise class I’ve actually enjoyed and look forward to the next.