Personal Training

At the Mindful Movement Center we believe that movement – particularly mindful movement – can change the quality of our lives by helping us attain – and maintain – an agile and graceful body. Our experienced instructors are here to help you enhance your strength, flexibility and confidence in a safe, supportive and structured environment.

The concept of mindful movement is that the body and mind are interconnected and the practice of mindfully moving your body promotes enhanced body awareness through very focused and precise exercises. With mindful movement your body learns (or re-learns) how to move efficiently with optimal body mechanics. This type of mind/body conditioning is a great complement to cardiovascular or weight bearing exercises because it can give anyone – from beginners to elite athletes – an extremely well-rounded fitness regimen that works the whole body and invigorates the mind. Our students range from business people to dancers to retirees. The one thing they all have in common is they have chosen to study and get in shape with the best. Let us help you achieve your goals!